f Morning Rose Prayer Gardens: May 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring 2012 In Memorium, Marcy

Marcella Keefe-Slager
Went Home Yesterday.

          We met over 20 years ago at the hospital where Marcy was the chaplain. She was soft spoken and properly dressed for her station. I was fresh from the gardens in overalls wet below the knees.               
We would often meet this way. She in a skirt and hose with proper shoes and me with my pant legs dirty, wearing old boots imbedded with soil. We contrasted nicely.
Marcy was 15 years older than me and we had nothing more in common than God and gardens. Apparently that was enough. We delighted each other.
We encouraged and challenged each other spiritually. We also agreed to disagree on many Catholic topics. For quite some time I was part of a study group at her house with five other women. It was enlightening and liberating. I learned from her how to express my beliefs in a contrary environment with conviction and respect. Not a small gift for someone like me, a woman who preferred to remain silent.
Marcy was a spiritual director to many individuals. I was privileged to be a recipient of her talent, though unofficially. She made me laugh when she said that at times I was mentoring her. We occasionally traveled unfamiliar roads together where unexpected but deep discussions of faith would occur. Often we only shared a compass, guiding us as we journeyed in our own unique ways to the City and Heart of God.
Her light was bright, clear and attracting, illuminated nearly everything around her. It will be easy to find her when I enter my own eternity.
Love you Marcy…I will see you soon enough.